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High speed internet is coming!

Fibre laying machine

The region Nouvelle-Aquitaine is currently engaged in the installation of a very high speed fibre network. Working with multiple partners and with a range of suppliers, this project will revolutionise the internet in this region.
Download speeds up to 1 Gbits/s will be available with prices from 15€ month.

This new network is independent from Orange and represents a significant investment by the region.

Check out the interactive map on my dedicated page here.
Contact me for further information.

Fibre laying machine
Here’s the beast that installs the cable between hamlets

Here’s the cable
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Huawei 4G router – what a cool bit of kit!

If you live in an area that has slow cabled internet BUT a 4G mobile phone signal – this could be for you.
I have recently had the pleasure of installing one of these beauties!

Who’s it for?
Well if you live in either an area with poor quality adsl or simply want a more flexible solution.

What’s included?
You get a 4G router that has wifi, 4 ethernet ports and a phone port.

What do I need?
You will need a sim card from a 4G operator – at present are offering a 100Gb deal for 20€ per month, phone calls included!

How do i set it up?
Simply insert the micro sim card, plug it in and then connect by either wifi or cabled device. Log into the web interface and the 1st option will be enter the sim card lock number and disable this lock. That’s it!
To benefit from the included sim card phone calls, just plug a standard phone into the router and start making calls.
Contact me for more info/installtion