Charente – Fibre

Fibre is coming to the Charente!

You may have passed this machine recently wondering what it is? Well it’s laying fibre internet.
Use the map below to find out when you will be connected.

Enter your commune name in the search bar – click on the suggestion and then click on the map to see your connection date.

If you have any question just get in touch here

The first map will show you if your property has been surveyed for fibre internet, red=not yet available and green=good to go! No pastel = you haven’t been surveyed

This second map gives a general overview of when the area will get fibre

Here is the schematic from the NATHD website, showing the connection through to your property.

Equally NATHD ahs taken the decision that ALL properties will be connected – good news if you were thinking that you were a little too far from the circuit!

Actual fibre network installation

Here are some pictures that I took a few weeks ago clearly showing how the fibre will be installed above ground and to remote/isolated properties.