NEW! High speed fibre internet in the Nouvelle Aquitaine – more info

Services offered

  • New connections ordered and installed
  • Troubleshoot your  existing connection.
  • We can help you connect your tablet/laptop to your internet connection and advise you on wireless options inside your home.
  • NEW SERVICE ** Starlink installation service

Typically these services can be offered remotely, however sometimes it is easier if you come to my office so that we can look at the best options for you together or book the service via the internet or on the phone with the supplier concerned.
One thing is for sure – tea and coffee will be served!

Once your new line/internet service has been booked, you can expect to receive your new equipment within a week. Typically you are given the choice of home delivery for a small fee, five euros [Jan 2015], or collection from a Point Relais [you choose the closest point to home].
Service activation can be as little as one week when there is a known telephone number to book against, up to several weeks for new installations.

What does this cost?
The cost for researching and booking a new ISP is a fixed fee of 65€.

If you require a home visit to setup and install your equipment, an hourly charge is applicable plus travelling.


Luckily here in France, we are blessed with a range of highly competitive service providers offering some excellent deals.
If you would like help in either installing your 1st phone/internet line or moving to a new more competitive supplier, please either fill in the contact form or give me a call.

Currently Sosh and offer very good deals, with ADSL/Fibre packages starting from 19,99€ a month – all inclusive [Fibre increases to 29,99€ after 12 months]

As a rule of thumb I find very remote locations are best served by orange whereas small towns, villages and hamlets that typically have there own ‘central’ are served equally by all isp’s.

If you would like to find out how far you are from your local ‘central’, follow the link below to ‘’ and run the test against your number, uncheck ‘ Être informé ‘ and ‘ Recevoir la lettre’, Click the word ‘TESTER’ and then select ‘Degrouptest’. Within the results you will see roughly how far you are from the exchange.

Degrouptest Link – link will open in a new window.

Exchanges are slowly being upgraded to the latest technology ‘VDSL2’ and this enable speeds up to 100mbps

Here, for example are my test results:

Max download 19.74Mbps onstandard ADSL with a thereotical speed of 78.8mbps on VDSL2. I have seen speeds close to 100mbps.
If you’re living a big town – go fibre. 500mbps download speed for under 42€ a month!!!!!


If you live in an area that is poorly served by either ADSL or fibre internet, I would highly recommend the Starlink system from Space X.
Current prices are from 40€ month with an option to either purchase or rent the hardware.
I offer installation services if you require the system fixed to your property – more info here on my dedicated Starlink Page

4G LTE internet service.

Utilising one of France’s largest 4G networks, with speeds up to 220mbps [network dependent] for only 32,66€ per month!
30 day trial cancel at any point – contact me to book this service

If you would like any help with this just drop me a line here.