Gites & home networks

As i’m sure most gite owners are aware, clients now require always on internet access.
The issue many gite owners face is how to provide this across multiple buildings, many with thick stone walls and not attached in anyway to the main building.
Obviously you could invest in a 2nd phone line, but why not share your existing internet connection and reduce your monthly costs.

You can create a bridge that will work over distances up to 5 miles! Although i’m sure none of you have estates that large……

Using 2 of these you can connect buildings upto 5 miles apart!

Another option is an external wireless access point/bridge to connect clients devices….

Outdoor Wireless access point allows your clients to seemlessly connect.


Google Wifi – download and app then it’s plug and play….Perfect for home users too!


As usual, if you have any questions, please get in touch

Thanks for reading!