VPN – aka Virtual Private Network

What is a VPN?
Well it’s a secure network that tunnels through the internet using your existing xDSL connection terminating in the town/country that you choose.

What do you need?
You need a VPN router, this is the hardware and access to a VPN server – you rent this on either a monthly or yearly basis.

What’s it used for.
A lot of content/access these days is restricted to certain IP address’s, this system presents a country specific IP address to the service that you are trying to connect to.
If, for example, you try to connect to BBC iPlayer with a French IP address you will see a message similar to this ‘BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.

Connect to the same service via a VPN and the program will just play!


VPN router

Tiger VPN



I use TigerVPN myself and it works seemlessly.

Once you have this in place you can connect your equipment to the VPN router – SKY receiver, computer even a Vodafone SureSignal device.

If you would like any assistance setting this up, please get in touch via my contact page