Sky HD Freesat Receiver


The DRX595 features a HDMI port for watching both SD and HD content (you will require a HD Ready television with spare HDMI port), as well as allowing access to 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound via HDMI, a first for Sky. The unit also carries a SCART port should you only have a standard-definition capable television; further connections include an Optical Output (SPDIF), LNB Input, USB, Ethernet port, 10 pin mini DIN and Power port.

As the latest generation Sky digiboxes no longer include a built-in RF output, you will need the Global iO-Link Modulator if you want to connect up to additional rooms/televisions to share the channel signal.


*I have just received a new batch of receivers*

The SkyHD DRX595 has a similar design to the other digiboxes in the Sky range, sleek, modern design and high gloss black finish which can be operated/stored vertically or horizontally. The unit has the same high level of quality we’ve come to expect from Sky (in-house) since the release of the latest digiboxes, so good quality picture and sound. The DRX595 also has a modified version of the new Sky EPG (in high-definition) including the quarter screen mini-tv feature; on the whole operates like the current Sky+HD Digibox, just without the record functionality.

A Freesat card can be purchased directly from Sky for £25, additional channels are available with this card.

These are refurbished units.

100€ – New remote, hdmi cable and power lead.

Delivery can be arranged.

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