Setting up SurfShark on the GL router

Plug the Yellow router into your Internet router and power it up.
Log in to your SurfShark account.
Go to this page – SurfShark setup
In the search box, type United Kingdom.Put the mouse curser over the city that you want and then click on the word TCP – this will download a file to your computer.Do not close this window, you will need some information from it in a moment.
NOW connect to the yellow box wifi network, it will be called GL-MT300xxxxxxx – the password is goodlife.
Open a new browser tab, DO NOT CLOSE the SurfShark window!!!
Enter this address in the url – – You will be asked to create a new logon password – write this down.
Click on VPN then VPN Client
It should be on the management tab, if not click it and you will see a link ‘+ Add a New OpenVPN Connection’
Either drag and drop the file you have just downloaded OR click in the box so that you can find the file.
In the new window give the connection a title, such as SS_London OR SS_Manchester
Copy and paste your credentials [username & password] from the Surfshark page – they’re at the bottom of the page that you DIDN’T closer! *Pro Tip* click on the little icon that looks like two sheets of paper – this copies the text to memory, then ctrl v to paste.
Click on submit, click on the status Tab and then the connect button.
After a few minutes you will see that you are connected.

You can test the IP address before and after by clicking