If you live in an area typically called a white zone and are struggling with low internet speeds, I would highly recommend the Starlink system.
Currently available for 40€ a month with an option to rent the system for 10€ a month – purchase prices vary and have been on offer for just 199€.

Purchase is direct from the website and is fully deployable out of the box. This requires using the supplied tripod mount on a flat surface and isn’t suitable for everyone.
An option is to mount the system on either the chimney or use a wall mount. Either way the dish needs an unhindered view of the northern skies – you will need to the pole adaptor that is available direct from the starlink shop.

Installation costs are from 275€ depending on the complexity and cabling requirements – plus the hardware for either the chimney or wall [approx 145€]

Please get in touch so that we can discuss your particular requirements – contact page

Below are some images of recent Starlink installations

I also get asked to intervene when other installers are unable to correctly install systems. This particular system wasn’t even online as the installer couldn’t figure out how to get the system online.
The cabling was sub standard too, with cables draped all over the place as per the first photo – click on the image to enlarge the detail.
Ultimately I was able to share the Starling connection across 5 properties using external mesh antenna, a system controller and wifi AP’s
Get in touch if you need some help!